Motivation Letter

Motivational Letter Sample for An Embassy Job

Embassy Job Motivation Letter: A motivational letter is a unique Method these days to influence our Feelings and inspire the mind of the reader towards the sender of the letter.

You can write your personal motivational letter and inspire/influence the HR by recruiting you.

Here below is the sample of the motivational letter.














With this letter I would like to express my interest of working at the United States branch of Indian embassy on the basis of my educational qualifications and the past working experience with the other embassies.

I came to know about the vacant post of home staff in Indian embassy branch in US from the classified feed of Bharat times newspaper and as soon as I became aware of the vacancy, I hustled up for the application of this job, since I am very much eager, to work in that domain of international relations and also very much willing to represent my country at an international scale by serving my country on a foreign soil.

As regards to my educational qualification and the work experience in the public relation domain , I am a  graduate in public international relations and along with that I have already cleared the foreign service exams conducted by the civil services examination and presently pursuing my post graduation in international affairs of diplomacy

As regards to my work experience, I have already worked with the Indian embassy in China republic as a junior clerk, and having a working experience of 3 years and beside that I have worked as a messenger in the Czech republic branch of Indian embassy where I used to do outdoor work and my such experience has provided me with the thorough knowledge that how an embassy actual works.

I understand the  importance of this job and also the criteria that it demands in order to be eligible for the job, My working experience is intensive in this domain I have also worked as an Indian diplomat in the Indonesia branch of Indian embassy where I have experienced all the minor and major working knowledge of this work, and I have understood the importance of this job that doing an embassy job is not like any other common job rather it is not just a job, but more of a delegation where a diplomat represents the pride of his country and understand the responsibility of all the native citizens who are residing or working in the foreign country for the time being. I have understood the importance of international and global relations making through this job.

Since I have applied for the job of Indian embassy in United states I must clear the most important criteria needing to avail this job that is the language understanding and spoken ability of the nation where the embassy would be working , So I must state that I am a fluent in English speaking and I have cleared the international English language testing system exams as per the United nation norms and along with that I am also familiar with some local united states language in order to have  better understanding of the working knowledge of country.


Other than this I am not only fluent in the English speaking language but I also have great communication skills as I have already mentioned above that I had already worked as a messenger in the United Arab Emirates branch of India embassy , where I used to deliver the messages of the native country to the embassy which horned my communication skills to the maximum extent.

While I was working there I dealt with the different class of native Indian citizens, and from there I had an immense exposure as to how should I execute the public customers services and the other administration functions which are the key working criteria of any working embassy.

I understand that working with an embassy is not like any other normal job rather it is a job which is full of a pride of a country and that pride needs to be representing in an orderly manner, and later the other main task is reaching out the native nation citizen for any kind of assistance that they may be requiring from time to time.

Sometimes the situations between the two nations become tense, and that is when the real task and challenge for an embassy comes into play and I have been through such kind of sensitive situation during my past experience with the embassies.

I am having exceptional interpersonal communication skill to convey the desired my messages in an orderly and an effectively manner. I have dealt with such sensitive situations when there is all chaos between two countries I have faced and handled such situations with my ability and the extensive experience of dealing with such situations.

Moreover why I am so much inclined to work in the United stated branch of Indian embassy is because of the reason that I am having my root from the United states since I finished my primary and the secondary education living in the United states itself, and other than that I am very well with the formal and the informal culture of the country.

I have spent my whole childhood being there and later after finishing my primary and secondary education I moved back to my native nation that is India. In the very beginning I got more interested in this job, when I used to often travel from one country to the other I used to often witness the working atmosphere of the embassies, and later when I grew up I got the complete interest in this job but being a nation lover, I wanted to serve my country by any mean so in order to have this opportunity I completed my higher education from India.

I always used to be very interested in knowing and embracing the international relations and also very keen towards interacting with the new people and this job got me all those opportunities of living a life of my own dream and I find myself to be a complete candidate to step forward towards this job.

Thank you so much for having a look on my letter, I would be more than serving my country on a foreign soil by the way of this noble job, looking forward to hear from you in this regard