7+ Free Motivation Letter Template – Format, Sample & Example

A motivation letter is used to show your motivation for applying for a particular vacancy. Now, this vacancy can be for job placement, university admission, for an internship, scholarship, employment, or further studies, etc. this letter is attached with your Curriculum vita. You need to write down the motivation or take attention of the particular organization regarding the post you are applying for.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss a letter of Motivation. All the concepts and doubts regarding this letter will be cleared in this article. So, if you are willing to write this letter and have no idea how to write it and also if you are not aware of what letter of motivation is what’s its importance for applying in some organization or institute then all these concepts will also be covered in this article. So, you do not need to worry about anything regarding this letter just get prepare to impress everyone in the organization by your fabulous skill of writing an outstanding this letter. They do not find any single reason to reject your proposal and give acceptance to your proposal.

Well, for some new visitor you have heard this term of this letter first time. They will definitely have the curiosity to know what letter of motivation is? And how it is beneficial for getting a particular position in the specific company or organization or academy you are willing to apply. So, in this article, you will surely get to know about the term of this letter and its significance for applying some specific post. And also you can go through the other category like motivation for organization.

As the term motivation is used to inspire someone or to impress someone by your positive behavior that they get influenced by you. Similarly, this letter did the same task for you while you apply for some post and you are very much eager to get selected for this then you need to highlight the points which are going to motivate others by your personality and they will choose your candidature for the particular post. Well, this letter as I mentioned above is used along with your resume. So, your resume is reflecting your education your achievements but not the facts why they should hire you apart from your academic or other achievements so for this purpose you need to highlight about the facts and points which you know about the organization/ company/ university/ academy/ institution and what makes you to only select this particular firm not other for this post you are willing for. This letter works in this way to strengthen your candidacy in their organization. Also available in other languages contoh letter.

Motivation Letter

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Format of Motivation Letter

It is very much important to write any kind of letter in a particular format. You can’t write this professional letter n a formal way. This letter is going to be used for your professional task or represent your awareness regarding job or post you are applying for. So, it should be in a proper format. Otherwise, your letter will get rejected even they will not read it properly as it is not in the proper format or standard format you need to write it. Proper formatting and presentation reflects the fact that you are very much aware about how to write a letter and your seriousness towards the particular post you are applying for.

  • Firstly keep in mind the layout. All the four sides should have proper margins.
  • Then begin from writing your own address along with date.
  • After that, you need to write down the address of the organization you are applying for. Write their full name and address.
  • Salutation part
  • Now, begin with the first paragraph or you can write a single line to attract their attention for your candidacy.
  • You can also write down from where you get to know about the particular vacancy in their organization.
  • Move towards your qualification and achievements which reflects your capability to handle this post
  • You can also provide evidence regarding your achievements as well.
  • After that closing of the letter in the third paragraph in which you conclude all the things. And you can thank them for providing this opportunity for you.
  • Now, in the end section there is complimentary closing along with your name or signature.


So, these are all the points you need to keep in mind while writing this letter and follow this pattern or format to write down an effective and impressive letter which is going to increase your chances of selection in the particular firm.

As I discussed above this letter is used along with your CV to apply for a particular company or organization you are willing to apply for. You need to emphasize your motivation to apply for a particular organization. You can list the sources you get to know about the organization. You can list the achievements and positive feedback you know about the organization to show that you are very much aware of the organization and the field you are applying for in there institute or company. You need to write down regarding your motivation for a particular post like learnership, internship scholarship, employment, and Study abroad, etc.

So, this letter reflects your dedication or concern for the particular post you are applying for in the organization. So, you need to be very much attentive while writing this letter. As it will going to judge your capability and interest in the specific position and will make changes for your selection in the company or organization. This letter plays a vital role in your selection.

How to Write a Motivation Letter

Now, hope you get a clear understanding of the term of this letter. After getting to know about what letter of motivation is and how it is important for your particular job applying for. The next step is “how to write this letter”. Well, you get to know about this letter and importance but you are not aware of how to represent it then your knowledge of this type of letter does not make any importance for selection. You should need to write a letter in the correct format and should be aware of the layout of this letter you are going to write. Your writing skills play a big role in your selection here. No need to use extraordinary words but need to express your candidacy fully so that the organization gets impressed by you.


In this article, I will provide you the proper Motivational speech examples, format, templates, and examples for each field you need to write this letter. As the pattern varies from field to field, like the specification for applying as an intern varies from the specification you are applying as the student for higher studies in the university and also different when you are going to apply for a particular job. So, on the basis of all these, we are going to provide you samples for all and you will get to know about how you can write a letter. Also if you want to know how to write a motivation letter for sale team then go through this link.

Sample Motivation Letter Example


A type of cover letter which includes job application and resume is called a motivation letter. The objective of this letter is to explain: That why you are a good candidate for the scholarship and what you plan to do with the education you receive. Also, you can see other letters of motivation

Motivation Letter Sample

Anjana Ahluwalia
9876 Vinayak Vihar
Noida (U.P.)12345
The Scholarship Committee
123 Jama Masjid Road.  4A
Noida (U.P.)12345

To Whom It May Concern:


My name is Anjana and I am a third-year student at Delhi University. I am currently pursuing a five-year Bachelor of degree in the field of Architecture, and I plan to follow up with a one-year master’s degree after I graduate.

While in high school, I worked with my local Habitat for Humanity branch to help in building homes for moderate families. I learned about the construction process from the ground to up, and I also discovered the importance of function in architectural design. In my four years of volunteering the homes which were built by us were never extravagant, but they served their purpose and became a beacon of hope for their owners.

My education was largely fascinated by this mindset of function over form, stability over showmanship. I have enrolled in several classes for Architectural Engineering because I want to have a comprehensive view of how design meets structure and how designing can create happiness in humans. Under my architecture professors (Dr. Surendra Singh)to accelerate my research and education. Work on three extra-credit residential design projects has been done by me.  

I always wanted to become an architect who can create approachable, affordable housing opportunities in underprivileged communities. During my college days, I have seen countless rental properties available, but there were only a few homes for sale that were priced affordably enough for college students and first-time buyers. This case can be in many towns throughout America, especially in areas where there is a low standard of living. My target is to build sufficient starter homes that can help adults to build equity, avoid excessive debt, and create financial stability for their futures.

I have done an internship with LMNOP Architectural Firm in the summer vacation time period, and I will continue my on-the-job training there after my master’s degree. After working under Government approved residential architects companies Ansal and Wave, I eager to open my own architectural firm focused on developing inexpensive, high-quality housing.

I appreciate your consideration. With your assistance, I can continue my schooling in architecture and design to bring a very approachable home to those needful people.



Here, in this article, you will get a sample for all the fields in which you need to write a motivational letter. I will list the sample motivational letter for:

When you want to get some scholarship, internship, joining in the particular field of studies you need to give a letter along with your resume so for writing any kind of letter you can find out sample for all in this one place. Here, you will get all kinds of sample these letters no need to search and open many tabs for this purpose.

Letter of Motivation for Scholarship


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This letter either can make your selection possible or turn your candidacy to the rejection. This letter is going to impress others by your skills and representation. You got the golden opportunity to represent yourself in front of the members of the organization or academy you are applying for. And this representation will decide your approval for the scholarship. So, in this letter for a scholarship, your aim should be to define your candidacy for this scholarship and you deserve to get this scholarship in their organization.

And what are your plans after getting you this scholarship or future plans you can say? All these aspects need to be highlighted in your scholarship letter.

You should need to write down these aspects clearly and no need to write down other unnecessary things which do not relate to your scholarship purpose. This unnecessary content makes your content quality low. So, avoid this and your whole concentration should be towards your candidacy for the scholarship approval. And you will definitely get the chance to get selected for this. The scholarship letter sample which we are providing here can help you to write down an impressive letter which will increase your chances to grab this opportunity.

Motivation Letter for Internship

An internship is a golden chance for someone to work as an employee for some time and get the experience of work in a particular company. An internship is provided for some specific period in the organization and you get to know about how to perform work over there. You get experience offer also. Most of the times when you go for the job usually companies or organizations ask about your internship as you are not considered as fresher if have done internship from the repudiated firm for the short period of time and your experience as an intern increases your chances of selection for the job.

Or in case of the medical field, they give very much stress to your internship period. So, in all these cases your selection as an intern is very much important for your future. To get selected in the particular organization you are seeking to you need to write down an impressive Letter of Motivation. Your letter should revolve around your candidacy for the internship and why you are eligible for this internship. You can also highlight some good parts of the organization and why you are interested to do an internship from this firm. The sample letter in the article of an internship letter can help you a lot to write down an effective letter.

Motivation Letter for University


To take admission in the university is every student’s dream. And to fulfill this dream all the student work hard to crack the entrance exam, interviews, score high in the examinations. And one more thing is very much important to get selected in the university is motivation. So, if you are seeking to take admission for research or further study in the university you need to write down an impressive letter for university. Of course, you will highlight why you are eligible to get selected for the further study the university but along with this you can also highlight the achievements of the universities and why pursuing study in this university is very much important for you. You can highlight

You can impress your gratitude to be part of this university and study over there. You can also add on your previous study achievements and you’re planning for achieving and contribution for the university and the sample which is listed here will help you to guide what to write in this letter for university. Along with your previous study track record, also plays a vital role here. To get selected in the university is a very big achievement for the student and if you are able to represent your candidacy fully then there become very much high chances to get selected for in the university you are dreaming for.

Motivation Letter to Employees


So, if you are running a firm or business it is your responsibility to encourage your employees when they work hard and achieve all the goals for the company growth and prosperity. In this case, it is your duty to write down this letter to employees who have proved their hard work and talent and showed devotion to their work. Well, in this letter you can highlight the achievements the employee has achieved and highlighted this/her dedication towards the company. You can also thank him/her to be part of this firm and its your owner that to have got such a talented and hardworking staff which is always ready to achieve the targets on time and maintain the reputation of the firm in the market. When you motive or encourage your staff they get the energy to work harder and they feel proud to be part of such a company which values their work and appreciates them.

This letter will help you a lot to spread enthusiasm in the company and the employees will give their best out of best as they know that their company will appreciate their hard work and they are important part of this firm otherwise the employees will not be interested to be part of such an organization which only need work and do not give a damn about the employees devotion towards the organization. The sample letter here will help you to blow your mind to write a letter to employees.

Sample Motivation Letter for Master’s Degree 

When you go for a master’s degree you can’t take admission in any college you will also want to take admission in repudiated college or university. So, to take admission over there, you need to highlight your past academy achievements but along with this you also need to write down an impressive letter for Motivation to the university so that they get attention for your candidacy for the master’s degree in their university. You can highlight your study achievements what good or plus points you have listened about the university and how it will be helpful for your future to be part of their college/ university as a student for master’s degree.

And if you are a little bit confused about how to express your candidacy for this then need not to worry as we are providing a sample letter for the motivation for master’s degree. You can go through it and can grasp the points you need to write down your letter for Motivation.

Letter of Motivation for Job application 

When you apply for a particular job you need to attach a letter of motivation along with your CV which gives the reasons why you should get selected for the job. So, while writing this letter for job application your whole content in the letter should revolve around the candidacy for the job role. There is no need to write down any other achievements or hobbies in this type of letter which do not relate with the job position you are applying for. So, the sample of this letter listed here can help you to give a better understanding regarding the content you need to write in this letter for job application.

Motivation Letter for PhD

You are going to take admission for PhD in particular university and all the research you will do from the university so when you are applying for PhD you also have to attach this letter along with your documents to seek the attention of the members of the University for your Position for PhD. The admission committee will decide your candidature on the basis of your motivation along with the other documents you have attached. You can write down your passion for doing research for the particular field you have chosen for PhD in your motivation and your contribution towards the university by pursuing PhD in the particular field you have chosen for completion of your Ph.D. All these minor things highlights in a proper manner can strengthen your candidature for the selection for PhD. You can also go through this sample letter provided here to write down motivation for PhD.


Motivation Letter Template

Templates are the best options to get an idea of the layout of any particular thing or letter you are going to write. Templates provide the proper understanding to us. And if you are looking for the templates of this letter then here are tremendous letters available you can use them to write down your own. And the good thing about these online letter templates is this that these templates are free of cost. You do not need to pay to have access on the particular template. These templates are available for all the areas you are seeking to apply. On the basis of your requirement, you can choose template and edit or customize that template for your own purpose.

You can also download these templates for your own comfort. There are many templates online available which have edit feature so you can edit the template and then save it for your own purpose. These templates are very much helpful for those who are aware of the content but not have an understanding regarding the layout need to follow to write this letter.


You are aware of what this type of letter is, what format you are going to follow to write the letter. But still, you are getting the proper content which can express fully your candidacy for the post you are applying for. Well, in this case, you need to go through the examples of these letters. Examples help us to give a proper understanding of the things but use examples just to grasp the things do not copy the examples. As when you copy the examples this thing does not reflect your real individuality for the job role and the organization will not get impressed by you as they are for sure attentive about the copied content. Just get the idea or things you can take from the examples and modify the examples in your own wording which reflects your personality or candidacy for the role.

In any situation, only the explanation of things do not give proper understanding but when we go through the examples we get a more clear reflection of the content we have understood theoretically. Examples help us to connect with the real world and it becomes easy to connect and interpret things by your own as you have caught the idea of that thing and you become able to explore by yourself and customize the content in a more impactful way. I’m very much sure after reading all the examples you can write down a letter by yourself and that letter will be far impressive than the example you have gone through.

Hope you have got all the required information from this article and now you are able to write down your own motivation with the help of these samples listed in this article and all the information discussed over there. Click here for Scholarship Sample in Docs.

Thank you and wish you all good luck for your future goals and success!!

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