Motivation Letter Templates – Format, Sample & Example

A motivation letter clearly defines the reason you are applying for a particular vacancy, such as an internship, job placement, college or university admission, scholarship, or course of study. Generally, this letter is attached with your curriculum vitae (CV). You write this letter as if in direct correspondence with the particular organization offering the position you are applying for.

Sample Internship Motivation Letter

In this article, we’ll discuss the letter of motivation. Whether you’ve written a few before or you have no idea how to write one, this article will cover everything you need to know to write a compelling motivation letter. Get ready to impress your target organization with your fabulous writing skills and score the job, internship, or academic acceptance of your dreams!

This article will provide you with sample letters for all the fields that tend to require a motivational letter. This includes:

When you want a scholarship, internship, or admission to a course of study, you need to provide a letter along with your resume. This article will show you what makes a strong letter of motivation, what mistakes to avoid, and what you need to keep in mind to help your letter of motivation stand out from the rest.

Job Application Motivation Letter Example

Just as the name suggests, a motivation letter will describe your motivations for applying for the position as well as “motivate” the people reading it to give you the position. For this reason, you need to highlight the skills and personality traits that will portray you as the best possible candidate. Your resume will reflect your education and your professional achievements, so the letter of motivation must focus on why this particular position appeals to you, and complements your skills. Show the organization that you’ve done your research and are specifically interested in this particular role.

Experienced Job Application Motivation Letter Example

Download Sample Experienced Job Application Motivation Letter in PDF format

Format of Motivation Letter

It’s important to write your letter of motivation in a particular format. Since the letter is meant to display your professional skills and your interest in the company, you want to keep your letter formal and organized. Otherwise, the organization may reject or ignore your letter for unprofessional language or formatting. Proper formatting and presentation will reflect the fact that you understand how to write a professional letter of motivation and you are serious about the post you’re applying for.

  • Firstly, keep in mind the layout. All four sides should have proper margins.
  • Begin by writing your own address, along with date.
  • Then list the address of the organization you are applying for. Write their full name and address.
  • Salutations – “Dear [person or organization].”
  • Now begin with the first paragraph. You can also write a single line to attract their attention for your candidacy.
  • Feel free to mention where you learned about this particular vacancy in their organization.
  • Move towards your qualifications and achievements that reflect your ability to excel in this post.
  • You can also provide evidence regarding your achievements, though this will also ideally be covered in your resume.
  • Finish with a closing paragraph that explains why you want this position and why you think you’d be a good fit. Thank them for providing this opportunity for you.
  • End with a complimentary closing along with your name or signature.

 These are all the points you need to keep in mind while writing your letter – follow this pattern or format to create an effective and impressive letter that will increase your chances of selection.  Click the link for Motivation Letter Format Templates.

Sample Internship Motivation Letter

As discussed above, this letter is used along with your CV to apply to a particular company or organization. This letter needs to be very specific to each particular role and organization you apply to: list the sources you used to learn about the organization, recent news from or about the organization, and other bits of information to show that you’ve done your research and are personally interested and invested in this particular organization.

How to Write a Motivation Letter

Now you know what a letter of motivation is and how it is important for your application. The next step is how to write this letter. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the correct formatting, layout and content in a strong letter of motivation. Your writing skills are key here – there’s no need to use ornate language or long, complicated sentences, but you should know how to portray yourself as a qualified candidate with a well-researched interest in the organization you’re applying to.

In this article, I will provide you with Motivational Speech examples, including the proper format, templates, and examples for each field. As the pattern varies from field to field (a letter of motivation for an internship will follow a different pattern than a motivation letter for admissions to a university) we are going to provide you with samples for a variety of scenarios and positions.  Click this link if you want to learn how to write a motivation letter for a sales team.

Motivation Letter Examples

 When you’re applying to a scholarship, you typically send a letter of motivation along with your resume. This letter will describe your relevant academic and professional experience as well as your reason for requesting a scholarship (i.e., financial difficulty, changing circumstances, etc.).

The objective of this letter is to explain why you are a good candidate for the scholarship and what you plan to do with the education you receive. Below are motivation letter examples for different areas of study.

History Scholarship Motivation Letter Sample

Architecture Scholarship Motivation Letter Example

Click the following link for more motivation letters.

Scholarship Letter of Motivation

This letter either can make or break your candidacy, so it’s the ultimate chance to impress people with your skills and opinions. You have the golden opportunity to represent yourself in front of the members of the organization or academy you are applying to, and this representation will determine your future in regards to the scholarship. So, in this letter for a scholarship, your aim should be to describe your candidacy for this scholarship and explain why you deserve to get this scholarship from their organization. You should also discuss your plans in the event that you receive the scholarship.

Explain these points thoroughly, and try not to add too many extraneous details. Concentrate all of your language on why you deserve the scholarship and how you will use it. The scholarship letter sample we provide here can help you write an impressive letter that will increase your chances of successfully grabbing this opportunity.

MBA Motivation Letter Sample

 Motivation Letter for an Internship

An internship is a great foot in the door at a company you want to gain experience or job opportunities from. An internship is provided for some specific time period within the organization and you get a chance to hone your skills in a professional setting while learning from mentors and peers in your field. Internships offer valuable experience that companies look for when you’re applying to full-time jobs later on: many companies will ask about internship experience when you interview for an entry-level job, and it’s a huge resume boost to have an internship from a reputable company on your resume.

For instance, in the medical field, employers pay serious attention to internships aspiring doctors have held in the past. In any case, internship experience is very valuable for a career in any field. Securing an internship will require an impressive letter of motivation much like one you’d write for a full-time job. Your letter should revolve around your internship candidacy, the attributes, and experience that establish your eligibility for this internship. You can also highlight impressive aspects of the organization and why you are interested in an internship with this particular organization.

Internship Motivation Letter

University or College Entrance Motivation Letter

It’s every student’s dream to receive an acceptance letter from a prestigious university or college. To fulfill this dream, students work hard to ace the entrance exams, interview well, and score high in their examinations. Institutions of higher learning don’t necessarily focus solely on grades for acceptance consideration, but increasingly take extracurricular activities, and your letter of motivation into consideration. To secure admissions to the university of your dreams, it’s important to write a strong letter that details what makes you a good student and what will make you an asset to their institution. Be sure to highlight your achievements so far, and explain what you’ll do with your education if you’re admitted to their school.

The sample letter listed here will help guide you in writing a strong motivation letter for university admissions. Along with your previous academic record, and test scores, your letter of motivation also plays a vital role in the way the admissions committee will view your candidacy.

University or College Entrance Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter to Employees

If you are running a firm or business, it is your responsibility to encourage your employees to work hard and achieve growth and prosperity for the company. In this case, it is your duty to write a letter to employees who have proven their hard work and shown devotion to the company. This letter can highlight the employee’s achievements and their dedication to the company. You can also thank them for being part of your company and express your pride that you have such a talented and hardworking staff.  When you motivate or encourage your staff, they feel valued and appreciated – this gives them the energy and incentive to work harder and feel proud to be part of the company.

This letter will help you spread enthusiasm in the company, motivating your employees to do their best work. Employees like knowing that upper management cares about them and appreciates their work, and a kind letter of motivation will make them feel emotionally supported by and invested in their workplace. The example letter below will help you write an encouraging, compelling letter to employees.

Employees Motivation Letter example 

Sample Motivation Letter for Master’s Degree

When you apply for a master’s degree, you’ll want to put your best foot forward to receive admission to reputable institutions. In your letter of motivation for a master’s degree, highlight your past academic and professional experiences. Show you’ve done your research about the program you’re applying to – you can do this by listing specific classes or activities you’ll want to participate in if you are selected for admittance. Stress how your skills and experience could grow by participating in this master’s program, and explain how this master’s degree will help you achieve your goals in the future.

If you are a bit confused about how to express your candidacy for this, don’t worry – here are 5+ Master’s Degree Motivational Letter examples, with downloadable PDFs.

Sample Motivation Letter for Master’s Degree

Letter of Motivation for Job Application

When you apply for a technical or professional job, you need to attach a letter of motivation along with your CV. This letter will explain what makes you a qualified candidate for the job – emphasize your relevant job experience, your marketable skills, and your specific interest in this particular role and company. The company wants to see that you will make a valuable addition to their team, so give them every opportunity to read about your achievements and your professional strengths. The following sample letter can help give you a better understanding of the content you need to write in the following motivation letter for job applications.

Motivation Letter for PhD

A strong letter of motivation is especially important for PhD programs, as you’ll be a valuable part of that institution’s research and academic team for the foreseeable future. The admissions committee will decide your candidature on the basis of your motivation letter along with the other documents you have attached. You can elaborate on your passion for research in the particular field you have chosen, as well as the contributions you could make to the university by pursuing your PhD at this particular institution Check out this sample letter to see an example of a strong letter of motivation letter for a PhD program.

Motivation Letter Template

Templates are the best option when it comes to planning the layout and content of your motivation letter. Templates take a lot of the guesswork out of writing your letter by providing a baseline essay framework and some universally effective language to use. These online letter templates are free of cost and available to the public. Depending on the type of program or job you’re applying for, you can seek out different templates or customize universal templates to suit your needs.

You can also download these templates for your convenience. Many online templates have edit features that allow you to edit the template and save it for your own use. These templates are very helpful for applicants who are aware of the content they need to include but are less sure about the proper layout they should follow to write this letter.

If you need creative ideas for your motivational letter, check out TED’s Motivation topic.

Now you understand what a letter of motivation is and how it can help you score the job, internship, acceptance, or scholarship of your dreams. In order to get a better handle on the kinds of letters that work well and make a strong impression, go through the example letters below. Make sure not to borrow facts or explicit language from example letters – your letter needs to be personally tailored to your situation and your organization. Companies and schools can tell when you’re writing a vague or impersonal letter, and weak letters are much less likely to win you the role.

Sample Motivation Letter Cover

Job Application Motivation Letter Example

Examples can help us connect these theories and strategies with the real world – real people wrote these letters for real applications. Just remember that injecting your own personality and experiences into a letter will always be more effective than using a bland and impersonal template.

I hope that this article has given you all the information you need to write a detailed, compelling letter of motivation. With the help of these templates and samples, you’ve got a great shot at securing the role of your dreams. Click the link for a sample Scholarship Motivation Letter.

Best of luck!