Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter Sample For The Job of a Piano Teacher

The letter of motivational is an isolated way to affect and motivate the intelligence of the editor concerning the sender of the letter. It makes it easier for the letter editor to realize some of the further details and facts about the editor above the mere educational information like for instance the past journey of an aspirant in the same region of the job of family backcloth and other data or details. This letter is in vogue these days and is even sometimes asked by the concerned companies to hire the candidate after suggestive the candidate in depth.

Motivation Letter Sample for the Job of a Piano Teacher

One can record your exclusive motivational letter and motivate HR by hiring you.

Here below is the sample of the motivational letter sample for the job of the Piano teacher

                                                                FROM- CHARLIE BENSON

                                                                 ADDRESS- MALIBU POINT

                                                                  WASHINGTON DC-221003






Dear Sir,

As a piano music teacher job seeker I would like to express my interest to apply for this job since my educational qualification and the work interest aligns with the requirement of this job, I believe I would be given an opportunity of working under your music school.

Knowing about this vacancy is just like an opening of the path of my dream as I always wanted to work with such a world class music teaching institutions and I finally got the opportunity to interact with you in this regard and take the first step towards the accomplishment of my lifelong dream.

I am writing you this letter as my application for the job of that vacant post of piano teacher I came to know about through the classified tab of my newspaper this morning.  As of myself I am already a music teacher and have been working with Vegas music beat academy since last 5 years now, during this span of 5 yrs I have worked there in all the genre of piano music such as classical piano, jazz piano, pop/rock piano and the liturgical and having that extensive in the field of piano teaching I have some my own creation of piano theme music the credit rating of which have been mentioned in my testimonial. These are some of my excelled area as a piano teacher

-Playing from memory and sight reading

-Duet playing in combination of other instruments to create a joyful music environment

-Integration with the new technology and trend

-Everyday new improvisations to enhance the sense of creativity

Before I talk related to my academic qualification simply for request for the job I want to let you know about my journey as a piano teacher, and about the inspiration which made me pursue this journey so that you could have an idea, that music is not only my profession but it is the passion of my life that I am living for.

As a kid music and the art was the core arena of my interest I was very fond of playing the musical instruments and after my school I used to spend almost my complete day indulging in the musical instruments, as the life kept passing on my interest in them began to rising particularly playing the piano suited my core interest and with that intensive interest I kept moving on to that direction along with my studies.

Today playing piano is not only my profession but is the part of me to that extent that I do not go without it even for a single day. I adore this noble profession of music teacher I find a great joy in it, and I want to help others also in seeing the beauty of the music and for the fulfillment of the same purpose I am very much keen to work with your institutions.

Regarding my educational qualifications I completed my high school from jack and Julian music academy based in New York, and then I had my graduation in the subjects of music and arts from Howard Music College based in Boston. During my graduation days I used to perform at theatres to give an extra exposure to my skills and, some other times I used to play piano at several other college functions, and I have been awarded with many prices from my college and was also acknowledged for my performance at theatres. I worked as a theatre piano artist even after my colleges.

I collaborated with a local music composing band known as next street boys, the band basically used to produce music and I used to provide the main piano theme to the music of band, I worked with the band for around one year and later then signed off from the band.

After working as a theatre piano artist and having an exposure with the music band, I wanted to work with some formal educational environment since I wanted to enrich my profile into that direction in order to have a secure future prospective, and for that purpose I came to know about the Liberty music school from one of my school mate as he was already working there. So I signed up there for the job of a piano teacher and started working as that it was such a beautiful working environment and future prospective there for a teacher.

I worked with many prominent co-music teachers there and learnt a lot from them, as a piano teacher we used to interact with several kinds of students and other music enthusiasts.

As a piano teacher or any other sort of music teacher when you interact with different kind of students for teaching purpose that interaction provides you a mindset full of music perspective and that perspective helps a teacher a lot in creating a better and best kind of piano music themes so as a teacher you do not only teach rather you also get a lot to learn from that harmony of music which comes when there is an interaction between common interest sharing people.

There comes a situation when as a teacher you deal with different type of ability sharing students you have to adapt to those changes of teaching the music as per the interest and the convenience of the students and as my experience of piano teacher who is always being around the students teaching and dealing with them I have had all such experience within myself which enables a teacher to deliver the best of himself and teaching or learning is an art itself so a musician who is a teacher itself must be an artist to create and understand the music well.

I hope that this of my additional letter explaining my journey as a piano teacher will facilitate you in understanding my whole journey, and I am very much positive to hear from you In this regard further.

Thank you so much for sparing you time having a look on my letter.


                                                     Charlie Benson